Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hammacher Schlemmer Spotlight: The Mind Controlled Movie Director

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A company with origins dating back to 1848, Hammacher Schlemmer was founded as a provider of high quality products that can not be easily found in other stores. One of the first 271 subscribers to Bell Telephone of New York City, the first home delivery parcel service and one of the earlier adopters to on-line shopping in 1986, Hammacher Schlemmer endures despite the influx of large department store chains as well as discount stores that cater to the vast United States consumer population. Hammacher Schlemmer survives and prospers by a continued commitment to bring unusual, obscure yet intriguing products to niche interests. Electric cars, a real-life working replica of the Tron: Legacy Light Cycle and other outlandish items are sold under the Hammacher Schlemmer banner. In recognition of the company's involvement in supplying the marketplace with fun and unique products, I'll happily feature some of the more eye-catching Hammacher Schlemmer items on this blog starting with the Mind Controlled Movie Director.

A device certain to spawn thoughts of science fiction, The Mind Controlled Movie Director actually operates on individual's brainwaves to control pre-programmed interactive movies and games. Through a headset the incorporates electroencephalogram technology, a person's electrical brain signals are translated into control over situation with The Mind Controlled Movie Director. Concentration, relaxation and verbal emotions can affect the outcome of various horror, sports and crime stories. Plot lines and endings are shaped by the signals received from the user's headset.

Used in association with a Mac or PC computer, The Mind Controlled Movie Director also comes with Apps. A pair of arcade games, a brainwave visualizer and meditation journal are included in the $129.95 US device.

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