Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SEIKI Reveals New 39-Inch Ultra Affordable 4K Ultra HDTV

Photo Credit: SEIKI Digital, Inc.

It took roughly a decade for North America to fully embrace high definition picture from television and other displays. Thanks to the fact that costs became approachable for the general electronics consumer, HD video is now the accepted standard. However, technology has never an entity providing people with comfort in the sense of sameness for an extended period of time. The recent breakthrough in home entertainment has been 4k Ultra HD resolution.

Delivering a picture several times greater than regular HD, 4k resolution comprises of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines. 4k resolution video is receiving an increasing amount of focus by entertainment media. The Will Smith movie "After Earth" has been an early exhibitor of 4k technology. Also, the 2013 NCCA Final Four basketball championship featured a demonstration of 4k video provided by CBS and LG Electronics. Still a new way of capturing all kinds of video, adaptation to the enhanced resolution standard has been hindered by the consumer cost of Ultra HD television sets.

The first set was introduced into the United States by LE Electronics in November of 2012. Their 84-inch Ultra HD television screen sold for an astronomical $19,999. Since an HD television of a similar size could be purchased for a fraction of that amount, early adoption of Ultra HD has been a niche market.

As many companies are trying to optimize the size of the 4k televisions to showcase the brilliance of this enhanced picture, one company could be quickly exploring products to introduce the general consumer to the concept of 4K viewing. SEIKI Digital Inc. brought a 50-inch 4K Ultra HD television screen to the United States market in April at a retail price of around $1,500. Next for the electronics supplier is a 39-inch model that could become a major game-changer for the evolution of 4K Ultra HD picture.

Premiering at the 2013 CE Week Line Shows and Exhibits in New York City, new 39-inch SEIKI 4K Ultra HD television will be first shown on June 26th. An unveiling taking place at the Metropolitan Pavilion, SEIKI's latest 4K Ultra HD television will feature all the appropriate technology for viewing videos and photos in Full HD or resolution greater than 1080p HD. A USB port allows users to plug in through flash drives to view images in up to 4K quality. An HDMI 1.4 cable will be included with the SEIKI 39-inch 4K Ultra HD television set to unleash the full potential of the display.

Besides the high performance picture created with 4K technology, the SEIKI 39-inch 4K Ultra HD television's most exceptional attribute is a low price. Priced at $699, the SEIKI 39-inch set may be more expensive than HD televisions but comes packed with the 3,840 pixels x 2,160 lines picture.

With pre-orders for the 39-inch SEIKI 4K Ultra HD television starting on June 27th, the new display will be available in online retailers as well as Sears. Sears will be SEIKI only national retailer for the 4K product.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Amazon Igniting Kindle Fire Tablet Sales in Canada

Photo Credit: Amazon.ca

Launching into the computer tablet market in 2011, Amazon announced the Kindle Fire as a top-end offering to their e-book reading device family.

Previous Amazon Kindle products prior to the Kindle Fire were focused generally on the distribution of electronic books (with some additional features supplied on newer ereaders). Utilizing an Android operating system to perform tasks, the Kindle Fire same relative capacity as a Samsung Galaxy tablet or Blackberry Playbook. Originally priced at a starting price of $199, Amazon Kindle Fire was also a competitive fighter against the popular but more expensive Apple iPad. Selling over a million devices in just its first week of release in the United States, the Kindle Fire distribution was initially limited to that one country. Attracting discontent from potential buyers in other parts of the world for lack of availability, the Kindle Fire was made available in parts of Europe by Amazon before the end of 2012. On June 13th, Canada will finally be able to buy a Kindle Fire tablet directly from Amazon.

Pre-orders for the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch and Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch computer tablets are now being taken on the Amazon.ca website ahead of its release date. The price for the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD starts at $214 while the version with an 8.9-inch screen will feature a starting price of $284. The two models of the tablet can be equipped with a 16-gigabyte or a slightly more pricy 32-gigabyte.

While the Kindle Fire devices could operate in other countries, Amazon chose up until not to ship the computer tablet to non-American customers. However, it was possible for people in Canada to acquire the affordable Kindle Fire through third-party means. For Canadian buyers pre-ordering, the price for Kindle Fire devices will be a little higher than those sold in the United States. Both Kindle Fire HD 7-inch and the 8.9-inch tablet will cost $15 more through Amazon.ca compared to the Amazon.com price given for American customers.