Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nintendo Grants Original Wii a $100 Mini Future

Photo source: Nintendo

So you were unable to snag one example of this holiday's hottest new products. The Nintendo Wii U has eluded many people as it was released earlier this month leaving some in Canada holding out until the new year before playing the new gaming console. Other electronic gaming enthusiast could simply be waiting before buying the Wii U for several reasons. The $299.99 Canadian starting price and the small library of titles created for the rather undiscovered Nintendo system could serve as causes to consider another home entertainment console for the 2012 holiday season. In time for the gift-buying season and a solution to lure a few more family gamers to Nintendo when the Wii U is still in short supply, the Wii Mini sports many attributes making it a suitable addition to living rooms.

A new version of the Nintendo Wii game console retailing for $99.99, the Wii Mini has been reduced in size for easier inclusion within the home entertainment equipment. An eye-catching presentation, the Nintendo Wii Mini console sports a matte black finish accompanied with a stylish red border. The Nintendo Wii Mini will include a Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk controller sharing the red colour tone found on the console. Excellent for immediate gaming with the use of famous motion capture technology, over 1,400 Nintendo Wii gaming discs can be played on the Wii Mini. In many cases, six years of Nintendo Wii titles mean several popular games could be bought at a friction of the price than the new Wii U games.

The Nintendo Wii Mini is a leaner system than the regular Wii. Marketed as a more family-friendly device, Internet connectivity has been removed from the Wii Mini. NintendoWii Mini owners will also note that the system is designed to run only Wii games meaning there is no compatibility with game titles created for the Nintendo GameCube.

Available December 7th, the Nintendo Wii Mini console $99.99 price will allow the likes of Mario and Zelda to live on a little longer on the Wii.

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