Monday, July 23, 2012

Sony Flashes Forward with Super-Fast S Series XQD Card

Photo Credit: Sony USA

Falling out of vogue with the general electronic consumer as the SD card has become the industry standard for digital data storage, CompactFlash technology is on the verge of making a comeback. CompactFlash memory cards under the all-new XQD specification offers a line lifeline for a category of memory storage still appreciated by professional photographers.

Famous for pushing their own proprietary Memory Stick line of data cards for many years, Sony is one company championing XQD technology in its early development. Introducing their H Series XQD cards in 16 and 32 gigabyte capacities, Japanese company Sony debuts the new S Series for maximum performance applications.

Catered to professional photography applications, the Sony XQD S Series memory card will supply super-high data transfer. Listed as 30 percent faster than the current quickest line of CompactFlash cards, Sony’s S Series model can read and write at a speed of 168 MB/s (megabytes per second). Sony advertises the S Series XQD memory cards as providing high-level, continuous shooting needed for sport and event coverage. S Series XQD cards are capable of supporting RAW, MOV and 3D AVCHD file format.

The Sony XQD S Series cards will be marketed in two varieties with a 32-gigabtye card selling for $259.99 US and a 64-gigabtye model retailing for a steep $459.99 in the United States. There is also an extra cost for the USB-enabled card reader required for fastest file transfer to a computer or other storage system. Software upgrades will also allow Sony XQD S Series memory cards to interact with Apple Macintosh systems.

At present time, the Nikon D4 digital camera is listed as one of the few compatible devices with Sony XQD S Series cards.

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