Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Boeing 737 Jetliner Sails Easier with Fuel Saving Technology

Photo Credit: Boeing Commercial Airplanes

One of the workhorses in the current airline industry, the Boeing 737 latest generation will employ some refined, cost-saving technology designed to lessen the jet fuel being burnt through flights between destinations. The PIP (Performance Improvement Package) on the Boeing 737 jet will incorporate a new array of design and engineering enhancements for greater efficiency in negotiating the friendly skies.

On the outside, minor aerodynamic improvements to the Boeing 737 includes carefully-shaped, anti-corrosive lighting and expertly contoured panels insures better airflow and therefore reduced resistance in flight. The 737 fitted with the PIP technology also includes adjustments to the engine and a reworked environmental control system exhaust vent giving the airliner better operational efficiency.

The 737 jetliners operating with Boeing's PIP equipment is estimated to provide up to a 2 percent reduction in the amount of fuel consumed within trips amounting to an approximate annual cost savings of $120,000 per plane. Some of the fuel-saving technology had already been introduced on operating examples of 737 jets. CEO of flydubai Ghaith Al Ghaith offered a working testimonial to the new PIP-equipped jetliner. "Our latest tests have shown that aircraft, which incorporate the Performance Improvement Package, provide flydubai with up to 1.6 percent reduced fuel burn over non-PIP aircraft," said Al Ghaith.

The full implementation of the PIP on the new generation Boeing 737 will be added in the middle of next year.

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