Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CTV Records Second-Largest Canadian Audience During Sunday Night's Super Bowl

Less than super, Super Bore, the Snoozer Bowl have been some many ways to describe Sunday night's NFL championship match-up between the Denver Broncos and the victorious Seattle Seahawks. Taking the lead after a single mistake by the Broncos' offense, the Seahawks commanded the field of MetLife Stadium throughout the 48th Super Bowl to win 43-8. A couple years ago, remembered watching the Toronto-based Buffalo Bills game versus the Seahawks and was not the least bit surprised the Seattle NFL team could mount such a Super Bowl feat against, what was on paper, a formidable Denver team.

Despite the dominating performance of Seattle driven by quarterback Russell Wilson and a near unbreakable defensive line, fans gave Super Bowl XLVIII continuing attention. Recording big ratings in the United States, Canadian fans of American football were also glued to "The Big Game".

Numbers released by CTV (Canada's broadcast affiliate for the 2014 Super Bowl) revealed that Sunday night's game was the second-highest watched broadcast of the event in this country. Shown on the main CTV stations and on French sports network RDS, the 2014 Super Bowl combined to draw an average viewership of 8 million. The viewership fell just short of the record-setting 2012 Super Bowl broadcast in Canada that achieved 8.2 million average sets of eyeballs. While the average amount of viewers achieved 8 million, CTV has accounted that 18 million unique viewers watched at least some part of the 2014 Super Bowl broadcast. Viewership among the 18-49 and 25-54 age demographics showed growth greater than one-third over the 2013 Super Bowl. On CTV and RDS, the adult male demographic share was rated between 65 and 74 percent.

With the Seattle Seahawks' appearance in the 2014 game, western Canadian markets recorded all-time high audiences for this year's Super Bowl. Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton area fans turned on the television set in record numbers.

The non-sport element of the 2014 Super Bowl also proved popular among Canadians. During this year's acclaimed halftime performance, CTV estimates almost 10 million viewers watched Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers entertain in New Jersey.

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