Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hammacher Schlemmer Showcase: The No Glasses Required 3D Tablet

Photo source: Hammacher Schlemmer 

It searching for the ideal gift for the technology lover, a computer tablet could have been a great gift idea in previous years. However, during this 2013 holiday season, its likely a tablet has already found its way into the hands of a loved one. The constant advancement of technology could present a realistic prospect that the gift receiver may appreciate a modern upgrade. For 2013, the leading Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface and Samsung devices have kept setting a rapid pace for technology evolution offering a variety of flashy enhancements such as fingerprint recognition and simple animation studios. For fans of 3D, retailer Hammacher Schlemmer has a tablet to fulfil those seeking the extra-ordinary viewing experience.

Being sold as the "No Glasses 3D Tablet", this device produces a three-dimensional perspective without the need for special eyewear traditionally associated with 3D. Operating with an eight-inch touchscreen, the No Glasses 3D Tablet operates with a parallax barrier (similar to the display provided on the Nintendo 3DS device). Automatically distinguishing 3D content, the No Glasses 3D Tablet also functions efficiently with 2D media. Video and webpages is viewed in 1,080p HD resolution with the No Glasses 3D Tablet.

The No Glasses 3D Tablet is based on an Android 4.1 operating system providing a familiar environment of productivity and entertainment. Bluetooth and two cameras are also part of the No Glasses 3D Tablet. The rear camera is 2.0 megapixel and the front camera is 0.3 megapixel.

With time remaining ahead of Christmas day, the No Glasses 3D Tablet can be ordered for $349.95 US from Hammacher Schlemmer as a gift for someone special (Ourselves included).

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