Monday, September 9, 2013

Microsoft Pumps Xbox Music Beats Broadly Across Mobile, Web Platforms

Photo Credit: Microsoft

Introducing their next-generation technology, it's safe to say that Microsoft has been pursuing some unpopular innovations.

First, Microsoft introduced Windows 8 with the ambitious intent to be an operating system bridging traditional computers and mobile devices. Windows 8 has failed to provide the ground-shaking thud many expected from the leading software company. Capable yet leaning towards being overpriced, the Microsoft Surface tablet family is distantly behind Apple and the many Android OS tablets in popularity. Most recently, Microsoft's new gaming and entertainment system, the Xbox One, proposed a series of changes to that alienated the marketplace. Microsoft has since backtracked from many of their new 'innovative' plans with the Xbox One following a laundry list of complaints before the console was even released. Wanting to turn their fortunes around and be an important figure for our consumption of multimedia, Microsoft is expanding their Xbox Music live streaming audio service. To elevate Xbox Music, Microsoft will be expanding the availability of their service to almost any modern device.

A service containing 30 million songs as well as a catalog of music videos, Xbox Music was launched last year for the Xbox 360 console. Today, Microsoft has opened up an all-new set of pipelines for music fans to engage with their live streaming content. Starting today (September 9th) Xbox Music will be offered on Apple iOS devices as well as products performing on the Android operating system. In addition to the portable devices, Xbox Music will also provide an on-line web player for computers through the website The Windows 8.1 upgrade will add Web Playlist tool granting quick access to the Xbox Music service.

An Xbox Music app has now launched on Google Play as well as the Apple App Store. The app and on-line player is a free download but access to the streaming service requires a subscription plan. The Xbox Music Pass costs $9.99 US for a month or $99.99 US for a full year plan. Xbox Music entitles users to unlimited access to music on any device. Xbox Music compares to $36 annual cost for an ad-free version of Pandora or $4.99 for an unlimited service using Spotify in the United States. A 30-day trial is provided with the Xbox Music Pass allowing users to sample the service at no cost (excluding data transfer use expenses).

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