Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NASA's Kennedy Space Center Invaded by Angry Birds

Photo Credit: PRNewsFoto/Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Started as a humble app-based video game, the Angry Birds franchise has slowly consumed the spare time of millions. From the first game created by Roxio Entertainment, the Angry Birds game concept has toured Rio, related with seasonal events and has even traveled to space. As a matter of fact, Angry Birds have taken two trips towards interstellar destinations. Angry Birds Space and later Angry Birds Star Wars (the first game of the franchise to featured licensed property) took ill-tempered birds on voyages to battle their pig nemesis.

Building an impressive virtual brand, Roxio Entertainment expanded quickly on their popularity placing their gaming characters on a wide array of merchandise. Candy, Halloween costumes and stuffed toys were a few items featuring the Angry Birds likeness over the last few years. The last avenue for expanding the Angry Birds franchise is by involving themselves with attractions. Launching out from the capacitive displays of our smartphones and tablets, Angry Birds land at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex as an all-new 4,485 square-foot play zone.

Called the Angry Birds Space Encounter, the themed attraction opened on March 22nd as a entertainment venue targeting children. Intended to provide guests with a fun yet educational experience, the Angry Birds Space Encounter does a lot to earn a three-star rating.

Classifying their games in stations, the Angry Birds Space Encounter delivers various action-based activities that exercises the body and mind. Eggsteroids Slingshot, Cold Cuts Tile Puzzle, Danger Zone and Red Planet Lazer Challenge are areas geared to delight children. For those looking to experience the birds and pigs back in their original habitant, the Angry Birds Game Zone allows guests to play a tournament-oriented Angry Birds Space game. Guests can battle other guests in the ultimate goal of destroying the evil pigs.

Guests can also engage in creating their own Angry Bird getting a printed copy of their creation to take home. Photo opportunities and merchandise sales will also be part of the Angry Birds Space Encounter.     

Open now, the Angry Birds Space Encounter attraction opens months ahead of a 100 million-dollar Visitor Complex at the Cape Canaveral location. A pair of IMAX theaters, Rocket Garden and other fascinating space-related activities will delight for an admission price of $50 for an adult or $40 per child. The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex site will also house the retired NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis.   

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