Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Samsung Shows Off 110-inch Ultra High Definition TV at CES

Photo credit: Samsung

In the constant innovation of technology, it is the goal of electronic companies to make the devices we have grown comfortable using as obsolete. While not discrediting what they had most recently sold, technology developers simply stride to create bigger and better products. The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas is regularly one of those exhibitions that make us all realize rapid the pace of advancement moves. Televisions, smartphones and most recently car-based infotainment platforms are represented at the 2013 CES as major as well as up-and-coming brands want to woo us (the consumer) to a new path of technological enlightenment that, of course, involves their solutions.

At the 2013 edition of the CES, Samsung has presented a number of captivating products and innovations focused around home entertainment. Showing off their latest explorations into LED TV, OLED TV technology, the display for Samsung was anchored by the existence of a gigantic television with the promise of bringing the big world into a perspective only our own eyes could envision.

Photo source: Samsung

Bringing to life a 110-inch television screen Samsung advertises as the largest in home entertainment, their S9 UHD TV features a super vivid picture quality making full use of the sheer brilliance of such a display size. Utilizing what is believed to be the next progression to viewing television programs and movies, the concept of UHD (Ultra High Definition) is presenting a picture two to four times more detailed than current HD sets. Featuring the Samsung Precision Black, tones of black and white are even more defined than ever. Samsung Precision Black is combined with Ultimate Dimming that uses groups of hundreds of LED blocks to achieve pinpoint accurate backlight control on the Samsung S9's 110-inch screen.

The Samsung S9 UHD TV also incorporates a quad-core computer processor allowing Smart TV functions to be handled with peak performance. Multiple apps and on-line content choices could be fed through the S9 television for full media immersion for the eyes. The 3-way, 2.2 channels of 120-watt audio will delight ears with sound quality said to be six times greater than a traditional television set.

While large quantity of UHD or Super HD content could take time moving through the consumer pipeline, Samsung has built a proprietary up-scaling engine into the S9 television unit. HD and Full-HD quality picture can be delivered in higher picture detail than perhaps ever seen before.

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