Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Samsung Brings PSY, Gangnam Style to Toronto for First Live Act

Photo source: Samsung

The handheld electronics market is a worldwide technological battlefield. Canada is one of the many locations intrigued by electronic smartphones and tablet computers. While fanfare surrounding the Apple iPhone 5 launched the popular smartphone to success last month, the reception for the device rarity consumerism. So often, companies need to provide some 'razzle dazzle' to create excitement for their products.

A new smartphone from the Apple's major competitor in the smartphone and tablet arena Samsung, the Galaxy Note II has the potential to capture some attention on its own. Utilizing a 5.5 HD touchscreen, a 1.6 GHZ quad-core processor powering an Android 4.1 (Google Jelly Bean) operating system and a unique stylus pen, the Samsung Galaxy Note II delivers users data connections up to the latest LTE specifications. Wanting to launch their Galaxy Note II with a lot of noise in Toronto, Korea-bred Samsung has enlisted the assistance of a showman from the company's native land the world knows as PSY.

Accounting for over 500-million views on a leading YouTube channel, PSY demonstrated "Gangham Style" dancing to the world to the point of becoming a quick-growing world superstar. With the Toronto appearance, Samsung is indeed desiring that trendy Gangnam Style can move the Galaxy Note II to equal acclaim in the smartphone marketplace. The South Korean music performer's first live event in Canada, the launch party for the Samsung Galaxy Note II will take place at The Kool Haus on October 30th.

While no tickets still be sold to the Samsung Galaxy Note II launch party, fans of the latest mobile technology and of the Gangnam Style performer will be presented with a rare opportunity to view PSY. A promotion on Samsung's Facebook page as well as two radio giveaways through Kiss 92.5 and Virgin Radio 99.9 will provide fans an invite to the elite product celebration.

Facebook Link: www.Facebook.com/SamsungMobileCanada
Radio Stations: www.kiss925.com , www.999VirginRadio.com

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