Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mobile American Red Cross Hurricane App in Season

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Embroiled inside the most active period of the year for tropical storms and hurricanes within the northern hemisphere region of the Americas, mid-August to October is typically a risky period in particularly in the southern region of the United States. So far this 2012 season, United States communities have been largely spared from the potential effects of a major ocean-derived storm system. With effective information transfer a key to protecting lives when disaster strikes, mobile communications a breakthrough method for sending important messages to people in danger.

Launched at the beginning of August, the American Red Cross Hurricane App for Apple devices or Android devices provides comprehensive information on hurricanes and tropical storms. A multi-purpose preparedness kit in electronic form, the free official American Red Cross Hurricane App is equipped for escaping and/or surviving an incoming disturbance.

A well-loaded program bundle, the American Red Cross Hurricane App offers a full range of tools useful before, during and after a major storm. Allowing users to monitor weather in areas using the reliable information gathering of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) The American Red Cross Hurricane App can be programmed to relay an alert if you or a loved-one is in a location where a weather system is expected to hit.

While being a warning tool, the American Red Cross Hurricane App is also meant to teach the public on hurricanes as well as emergency planning when placed within an affected area. The app provides historical information on hurricane and tropical storm systems that have impacted an area. Through interactive trivia quizzes, users can also earn badge rewards that can be shown off to friends on-line. Other useful responses on within the American Red Cross Hurricane App includes emergency preparedness information and details to best ready against a storm. Locations of open American Red Cross storm shelters and checklists assure educated efforts for survival through the Hurricane App.

Other features involved in the American Red Cross Hurricane App includes a flashlight, strobe light and an audible alarm to improve the user's detection. One of the simplest yet most reassuring items on the American Red Cross Hurricane App is the one-touch "I'm Safe" messaging alert feature instantly notifying family and friends that you're safe through a variety of means such as email, text or social networks Facebook and Twitter.

While a newly released application for smartphones and tablets, the Google Play marketplace has understandably seen a profound spike in downloads of the American Red Cross Hurricane App in the past week as the tropical storm system Isaac motions towards Florida. With reviews widely positive of the Hurricane App, the lives that can be lived with the extra information of this program would be more valuable than any amount of stars.

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